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The great and powerful toy (deviantart story) Empty The great and powerful toy (deviantart story)

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Princess Luna flew upwards, raising her legs towards the sky as her horn glowed with an intense ebony aura, the dark aura surrounded her body, creeping around her figure like vines until it covered the entirety of her form. Through the dark cloud her eyes glowed with a piercing brightness as her body retreated inwards, curling the hidden figure into a ball as the aura joined the withdrawal. The dark magic encircled her threatening to overtake the ponies body as it had before, the allicorn scoffed at the powerless darkness unable to control her. She forced her wings apart as her body threw itself wide open, forcing the ebony ball from her body, discarding it violently into the sky. As the aura flew towards the sky Luna threw her head backwards with strands of magic stretching out from her horn, she pulled the strands backwards forming a long majestic arrow within a taut bow. Luna held her magic taut as the ebony cloud reached the atmosphere, and then, when the time came. "Gotcha" She released her magic, firing the dark arrow into the twilight sky. Luna grinned as her arrow struck her magical aura, her magic detonated outwards covered the sky in night, her moon slowly rose in the distance and the stars became clear.

"Rather melodramatic." Luna noticed the voice as she reluctantly turned around to see her sister. Princess Celestia stood there with her usual smugness staring at her. Luna wasn't in the mood for her sister. She had finished her duty raising the moon and cared little for talking. "Where do you think you are going?" Celestia called again as she gazed down at her sister now stood still by her side.

"I'm done here, I'm going to my room." Luna kept her sight of her sister as she spoke.

An angelic wing suddenly extended cutting of Luna's passage. "We haven't talked yet, sister." Celestia called down at her still stubborn body, refusing to look her back in the eyes. "We have matters to discuss." Celestia noticed a blatant sigh as Luna looked towards her with uncaring eyes. "Good. It is about my student, Twilight Sparkle." She noticed a swarm of emotions filling her previously cold eyes as she continued, grinning slightly. "I knew you would see it my way. Now then, you are to go to Twilight Sparkle in Ponyville and 'teach her' aspects of our history. The history long forgotten by our tomes. It is about time another pony can feel our ways, and Twilight Sparkle is fitting for such a role."

Luna heard clearly what she was ordered, especially the emphasis on 'teach her.' She didn't care for most of her sisters games. But knowing Twilight Sparkle, the unicorn that saved her was involved. She would see it through. "So why don't you teach her?" She replied cockily.

"What's the use of owning you if you don't do my bidding." Celestia replied with a smirk, tracing her wing across her sisters face. "Be a good pet, and teach her for me."

Luna swatted the wing away as she looked into her sisters eyes. "I hate you." She stated quietly as she walked away from her grinning sister. She grew a smile as she slyly looked back, before throwing out her wings, beating them to the floor as she headed of to do Celestia's bidding.


Luna's arrival came without warning as she flew through the window of her new student's bedroom. She was both shocked and pleased to what she saw, it was her first real life sight of Twilight Sparkle since she was given freedom, the young unicorn was laying on her bed staring at a poster as she pounded away with her hooves between her legs, moaning softly with each clop. The small pony pleasing herself was a delicious sight for the Princess, who took no effort to hide her presence.

Understandably Twilight was shocked and embarrassed when she saw Luna through her window. As soon as she saw the intruder she quickly closed her legs and threw a pillow over her point of attention. "It is to late to hide what has been seen Twilight Sparkle." Luna smiled as she talked unnerving the unicorn even more. "You were very distracted to not notice me watching you for several minutes." Luna smiled even further as she noticed Twilight gaining a blush as her anger slowly seethed. Much to Luna's delight.

"How dare you watch me!" Twilight yelled as she tried climbing onto her hooves, but her body failed her as her self pleasured exhaustion kept her still, acting like chains to her bed.

"You dare to speak to your Princess in such a way, subject?" Luna flew into the bedroom laying her hooves with an elegant yet powerful stomp.

Twilight changed her tone quickly upon noticing what she had done, as much as she was infuriated by the allicorn's actions she was still her ruler, and had the power to banish her. "I'm so sorry please forgive me Princess Luna, I didn't mean to say that."

"Yes you did." Luna replied quickly as she approached Twilight's bed. "You meant every word. You hated me spying on you pleasuring yourself didn't you." She made her way to Twilight, staring into her eyes as she rested her hooves to the unicorns sides. "You hated what I did."

Twilight stared into her rulers eyes, they were as dark as the night itself. "I hated you doing it."

"You loved hating it, didn't you." Luna closed the distance between them even more, as their faces rested merely inches apart. "You loved knowing I was watching you. You loved being found." Luna drew out her tongue, trailing it over the powerless mare's face. "You loved it."

Twilight panted heavier, her own exhaustion became masked by the Princess' tongue trailing continually over her face. "I loved it." She admitted as she left her mouth open, desiring the tongue to delve inside her.

"Good." Luna brought her head away from Twilight's, leaving the unicorn with her mouth open confused and desiring nothing more than the taste she was just refused. Luna knew what Twilight wanted. She stared at Twilight noticing the filling thoughts of rejection, hatred, loneliness. All thoughts she had once experienced herself. That true feeling of being alone. Luna relished in causing it to Twilight, her gift to the unicorn that saved her.

"Please Luna, please." Twilight began begging for the attention, her beautiful voice becoming soft and quiet. Her entire body felt the burning need for affection. Just as Luna wanted.

Luna smiled deeply as she leaned above Twilight, her powerless body was a perfect slate for Luna's craftsmanship. The allicorn licked her lips as she stared into the unicorns eyes, she saw her reflected licking, it was the focus of all of Twilight's attention. She had Twilight Sparkle on her own terms. "Good." Luna repeated as she leaned towards Twilight's awaiting mouth. Just before touching her lips she spoke again. "Then you are going to hate and love this."

Luna broke away from Twilight refusing her the kiss as she grabbed the wet pillow Twilight held over her legs, tackling it from her weak grasp and throwing it towards the wall. She pulled the unicorn's legs apart with her front hooves and rushed her face between Twilight's thighs. Twilight screamed out as Luna's tongue rushed over the sore skin her hooves had caused. The allicorn's warm tongue felt cold against her burning skin.

Luna continued licking Twilight's crevice, each time her tongue passed she heard another moan from the pony she controlled. Twilights stopped screaming soon after she first licked, and since then her moans became more controlled, more calming. Luna wouldn't have any of this for Twilight, not so soon into dominating her pretty little student. After another lick she grinned widely as she pulled away to talk. "I didn't say you were just going to love this Twilight." She gave a quick lick over her pleasure centre again. "I said you are going to hate it to."

Luna forced her face back between Twilight's haunches, wrapping her mouth around her preys lower lips, forcing her tongue deep inside the no longer innocent mare. Luna could hear Twilight's cries of pleasure as she forced herself inside. The Princess knew this was her first time, and she would make sure it would never be forgotten. Luna delved her tongue deeper and faster inside Twilight, the walls around her tongue pulsed to each passing as she tasted a small sample of her students juices, slowly seeping out from the building supply. As she heard Twilight's cries becoming louder and more intense, she knew it wouldn't be long until she had her. She wanted her. She would have her.

As Luna's tongue delved through her, Twilight could feel her building pressure, she couldn't hope to control it in her current state as it flared up, warming her entire body forcing her into spasms as her magic began to spark wildly. "Luna! I! I can't! Control AHH!" Twilight's body jerked forcing her up and down, much to the pleasure of the allicorn who's face was buried between the thrusting thighs. "Oh Celestia! Luna please! Please!" Twilight's eyes began glowing as her magic escalated. "Finish me!"

Luna pondered as she licked up more of her leaking juice. 'Should I let her cum? Or should I force her to wait?' She considered both options. 'She is in my power, I can do whatever I want to my little pony.' Luna withdrew her tongue from Twilight as she looked up at the desperate unicorn.

"Please Luna, I beg you finish it please." Twilight's begging cries were so weak they could be called pathetic by some. But Luna loved them. She made Twilight hers, and she always will be hers.

"You owe me, Twilight Sparkle." Luna stated happily as she threw her face back into Twilight's haunches, thrusting her tongue deeper than ever as she forced her entire face as deep as it could go. Her horn began to glow as she forced her magical energy inside her opening, escalating the pleasure to levels only unicorns and allicorns could dream of. As her magic forced itself into Twilight she felt Twilight's own fusing with hers, trying to over power her. 'She is powerful indeed.' Luna focused harder as she forced her magic against Twilight's, forcing a deep sudden pleasure into her target. 'I could enjoy that someday, but for now, she is mine.' With a final muffled laugh she thrust both her tongue and magic against Twilight, forcing her millennium of magic into the mortal pony.

Luna knew the outcome before her final push, and she loved never being wrong. Her tongue was struck by an immense warm flavour as Twilight's climax shot past her tongue, filling up as much of her mouth as possible before spreading across her face, coating her in a white beauty mask. The remains of Twilight's juices slowly dripped onto her bed as Luna relished in her mouth full. The victorious allicorn looked towards Twilight's face, she looked ready to collapse at any time as she screamed silently, her voice lost to her loud cries.

Luna reluctantly swallowed her delicious treat as she brought herself to Twilight's gaze. As they looked each other in the eyes Luna gave her demand. "You owe me, Twilight Sparkle. From now on, you will be my toy."


Twilight Sparkle had been learning well, just as Celestia expected from such a gifted unicorn. The young mare lay on her back in the centre of Ponyville's Library, she released small moans with each passing of Luna's tongue between her haunches. The allicorn pulled at her violet tail forcing her body to stretch out in a slight pain as she delved her tongue deeper. Twilight Sparkle was Luna's favourite toy, and not one day had passed since she owned her when she hadn't used her. She relished in her toys flavour, her sounds and her actions. Over the last month since she first had her she had never once grown tired of her. Twilight Sparkle was a perfect choice by Celestia, yet her sister never once tried to own the unicorn herself. Luna knew that she had some agenda with this arrangement, she would never do something solely for her sisters pleasure. That wasn't like Celestia at all.

"Is something the matter Luna?" Twilight called out breaking her moans, noticing the distant mind of her master.

"Silence toy." Luna replied sharply. She liked Twilight's voice but she wouldn't allow for any discussion of her own weakness. The only weakness she was permitted to was her own. She grinned up at her student as she lifted her face away from the lavender thighs. "Tonight's lesson shall be."

"Using foreign objects." Twilight interrupted, glancing cockily at the small bag Luna had left by the door from when she entered.

Luna struck her hoof over her pupils face, causing more pleasure than pain to the still cocky student. She was always correct and though it annoyed her, it also pleased her knowing the lesson would be more entertaining. "Let us get started then."

Luna gently threw Twilight aside as she lifted herself up. She turned to face the bag she had brought with her and levitated it over, checking the contents as she happily noted her favourite tools were all accounted for. The princess turned back to Twilight, and was very pleased to see the unicorn already laying down with her legs wide open, facing her delicious area into the allicorns pleased gaze. "You are fortunate student. These are my most beloved inanimate toys, I am sure you all have much to get acquainted with." Luna levitated the bag near Twilight as she lowered herself to the unicorns legs. "First I desire more of your treats, pay up if you want to have your lesson."

"You want the lesson yourself, whether I give myself to you or not." Twilight stated looking down at her master heading towards her legs.

Twilight's cocky nature always struck something in Luna, something that reminded her of herself. She faced Twilight with a grin. "It wasn't a choice." Luna stated back, as she forced her face between her student's thighs.

As Luna continued pleasing herself with Twilight's flavour, a sound of galloping came from outside slowly growing louder as it reached the door. The library's door swung open, a light blue pony wearing a purple cape stood slightly worn out at the entrance as she threw her front legs into the air, throwing several small fireworks and streamers from her hooves causing a small light show in the darkened room. "The Great And Powerful Trixie has returned!" The intruder yelled as she threw her cape around her body, shooting streams of light in a wide circle before attaching her clothing back around her neck. "Watch in awe at the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria!" She yelled once again as her horn glowed brightly, shooting streams of intense light around her figure, exploding outwards in a flash of dazzling light slowly cascading down around her beautiful body as she opened her eyes with a large grinning white smile.

Her grin slowly faded as she saw her audience. The lavender mare she came to see lay staring at her on her back, her legs wide open with another mare ravaging her, throwing her head back and forth as she continued seemingly careless to the intruder. Several seconds passed as Trixie stared blindly with a now open jaw before Luna brought her mouth from Twilight's lower lips. "You can watch if you be quiet." Luna called out before returning her attention to the beautiful taste.

Twilight noticed Trixie still stood still, uncharacteristically silent, she noticed a forming sadness in the mare's eyes. "Now isn't the time Trixie, maybe we can talk again later."

Luna removed her mouth quickly from her treat as she stared at Twilight's gaze. She noticed a deep desire in her eyes. She thought about it for a second before recalling the poster Twilight had been pleasuring herself to. A poster for 'The Great And Powerful Trixie's Magical Extravaganza.' She grinned widely as she looked over at the familiar pony, she was indeed the one Twilight had been enjoying herself thinking about. "Well now, I think this calls for a change in our lesson program don't you, Twilight?"

Twilight noticed the change in her master's voice. She had never called her by name when demanding something, and never asked for her input on her plans. She looked down at her grinning master, and soon understood what she desired. "Yes Master." Twilight grinned herself as she looked over to the confused mare she lusted for. "I think we should teach our new student the basics."

Trixie looked nervously between the gazes of both the beautiful lavender mare and the mischievous purple allicorn, the pony that had taken the mare she wanted herself. "The Great And Powerful Trixie doesn't know what you are talking about." She tried slowly backing her way out the door before it shut loudly by both a lavender and ebony aura.

"Don't leave yet Trixie." Twilight called out. "Not when we have so much to teach you."

"What, that you go sleeping with this trollop rather than!" Trixie stopped herself mid sentence, she had never told Twilight she wanted her, and now she had lost her. 'So much for the most powerful unicorn.' She thought to herself with a slight hatred.

"So." Luna flew over to the upset unicorn. "You like her yourself. How nice." She drew her hoof across the base of Trixie's chin. "Twilight!" She yelled grabbing her student's attention.

"Yes Master?" Twilight replied standing to attention.

Luna grinned as she looked the blue unicorn in the eyes. "You will be her in charge of teaching our new student." Luna threw Trixie towards Twilight tripping up the surprised mare on the way as she fell on top of the pony she desired. "Get to work, Twilight." She called over as she approached the two ponies, her eyes holding a deep desire of lust for her new student.

"Trixie doesn't feel comfortable with this." Trixie worryingly stated as she tried pulling herself of the unicorn before finding she was held in a tight grip, the lavender mare stared into her eyes with a deep loving lust. Trixie stopped struggling as she looked confused at the pony she desired. "Twilight, do you?" Her words were interrupted as Twilight forced her lips around Trixie's, her hooves forcing her head closer into an inescapable torrent of passion. Trixie's eyes darted open from the sudden pleasure before slowly closing themselves, delighting in the presence of the mare she loved, the mare that she found loved her. Their tongues met inside as they licked over each other, playing with each other as Trixie began to moan loudly inside the kiss. She desired this for so long.

Luna made her way around examining her student's work and the body of her new arrival. She smiled happily as she heard the new moans. "It sounds like you have never been with a pony before." She called out, as Twilight slowly allowed Trixie the chance to break apart.

Trixie was panting deeply. "Trixie has, she's had, many ponies, many before." She looked between both ponies as she stood to her hooves, she could tell they knew she was lying. "Trixie just hasn't had the chance." She looked between both again more hastily as they were both grinning widely at her. "It's just no pony wanted, Trixie was waiting for Twilight."

Luna interrupted the worried unicorn by kissing her on the lips, forcing Trixie even more confused and worried as she tried forcing herself from the allicorn. "Trixie is sorry Twilight, she didn't mean to."

"What's the matter?" Twilight asked her, causing even more confusion in her lover. "Is it really so odd, to enjoy the pleasures of another?" She smiled seductively as she leaned in to kiss Trixie, her tongue entering deeply as she licked the roof of her mouth before returning. "You really have so much to learn, student." Twilight grabbed Trixie's light blue mane in her hooves as she threw herself to the floor, pulling her lover with her as she landed on her lavender chest.

"Trixie doesn't." Trixie's voice was forced to a close as Twilight stuck her hoof in the blue ponies mouth.

"I didn't say you could talk, student." Twilight's attitude was rising to her masters level as she finally learned the pleasure Luna had controlling her like this. "You are going to love this." She stated staring Trixie in the eyes as she forced her head between her legs. She could see Trixie's confused yet desiring eyes as they dropped from her vision. "Do it!" She yelled as she finished forcing the light blue mane between her haunches.

Trixie felt her face contact the pleasure centre of her desired pony. She had wanted this for so long, yet to finally have it here was so sudden, and she felt, dominated. 'The Great And Powerful Trixie doesn't get dominated!' She thought to herself, she tried pulling away but to no avail as she found her face once again being forced against Twilight's lower lips.

Twilight began moving Trixie's head across her, pleasing herself with her face enjoying the pleasure she was receiving. It was better than using her hooves, yet it was still lacking. She wanted her attention not just her face. "Get to work Trixie!" She yelled down at the pony she was still using to please herself.

Trixie tried bringing herself up again. 'Trixie wants Twilight to do her!' She thought to herself, before she finally understood her position. She wasn't going anywhere, not with such a powerful unicorn dominating her. The pony she loved was still forcing her face across her wetness, her satisfying moans coming as Trixie's face slowly became drenched in her juices. 'Why doesn't Trixie want this?' She thought to herself before growing smug. 'Trixie wants this!' The blue mare opened her mouth, throwing her tongue out as it struck against the wet crevice between her lovers legs. Twilight was still continuing to move her head for her, moving her just as she wanted. Trixie grinned as she stared at her opening. "Trixie will have you Twilight Sparkle!" She yelled from beneath her legs as she thrust her tongue inside the lavender mare.

Twilight threw her head backwards from the pleasure, it felt so different to Luna, the fact she loved this pony somehow made it countless times more pleasurable. "Yes Trixie!" She yelled between moans. "Like that yes!" She slowly loosened her grip from the light blue mane, allowing Trixie to move as she saw fit. Twilight smiled as she looked down to notice her mane moving, thrashing around wildly as she was throwing her mouth in as many ways as possible inside her. Twilight couldn't help but find it amusing how inexperienced she was, even though Twilight herself only found out how to please several weeks ago, Trixie's amateur attempt brought happiness and joy to the young unicorn. Knowing she was trying as hard as she could made it all the more enjoyable.

Luna walked around the two ponies, admiring her new student's attempt. She faced Twilight who returned her own mischievous grin. "Time to teach her." She stated, to which Twilight happily nodded, placing her hooves back onto the light blue mane to keep Trixie immobile again.

"What do you mean?" Trixie asked, unable to look backwards to Luna as she disappeared behind her. "What's going on?" She tried struggling against her lovers grip to no avail.

"It's not fair to let Twilight have all the fun." Luna stated as she brought her hooves across Trixie's back. Trixie struggled again to her touch, still uneasy with tow ponies affection. "Time to please you to." Luna lowered her hooves to Trixie's legs, pulling them apart and lifting her hind into the air. She felt Trixie trying to kick in hysteria forcing Luna to bind them with her magic. "Really Trixie, you should be like Twilight, she was much more used to me doing this."

"Trixie loves Twilight!" Trixie yelled in worry as Twilight continued holding her head still. She heard a laugh come from both ponies replying to her comment.

"Whoever said anything about love student? I don't love you or Twilight. It's you two that love each other." Luna gently released her magical bindings from Trixie's legs. "This isn't about love. This is about fun." Luna happily noted Trixie wasn't struggling any more as she brought her mouth to her legs. "Now you make love to Twilight, while I have fun with you."

Trixie returned her gaze to Twilight as she felt a sudden warm wetness overtake her. She quickly threw her mouth around Twilight's lower lips to muffle her scream to the new pleasure she received. No matter how many times she pleased herself with her hooves it never felt like it did currently, the feeling of her mouth surrounding her lips, her tongue trailing across her crevice before delving inside her, forcing itself deeper and quicker inside. Trixie held her mouth as close as she could to Twilight, trying to lick to keep her own pleasure down, but nothing was working. She was silently screaming inside Twilight trying not to be heard. She couldn't take it any more, she felt so much pleasure her body had never felt before, her screams were becoming even larger forcing her to run low on breath as she explored Twilight's insides. She threw her head out in exhaustion, and without anything to muffle her voice, she screamed. "AHHHHH!" Trixie screamed with each passing of Luna's tongue inside her, she couldn't bring herself down to Twilight any more with the deep pleasure she was feeling. It was to much for her to control.

After screaming several times she felt a loss in pleasure as Luna removed her face from Trixie's rear. "Well well well. It seems The Great And Powerful Trixie is a screamer." Luna grinned as she spoke, noticing the same look in Twilight's eyes. "What are we going to do about this?"

Trixie blushed in shyness as she saw both of the ponies staring at her. "So the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria can't control her own voice." Twilight happily stated. "I wasn't aware she was such a submissive pony."

"Trixie isn't submissive!" Trixie replied still shocked as to what they heard her do.

"Very submissive, a perfect toy." Luna smiled as she walked around the blue unicorn looking at her worryingly. "What do you say to lesson number, three."

Twilight gave an over exaggerated gasp to the request. "We can't do that! Not with three horns!" She turned her seductive gaze over to Trixie. "Who would clean up all the mess?"

Trixie looked between both ponies and began giggling lightly fearing what they were talking about, she tried backing away but found herself unable to move. She looked down noticing she was slowly becoming covered in a lavender and ebony aura, floating her slightly into the air and spreading her legs apart in different directions. Her entire body became stretched out and her cape whipped away from her body, landing roughly against the wall. "What, what are you doing to Trixie?" She replied fearing her inability to move.

"Oh I remember this one so well." Twilight stated as she walked around the powerless pony. "But who is going to do her?" She noticed Trixie's face shoot up in worry to the sentence she stated, to which she simply smiled wider.

"You take her from behind." Luna replied happily as she approached the blue unicorn's face. "I will take her from the front." She leaned out and licked the pony who was to lost for words to say anything as she tried moving her eyes to see Twilight. "Don't worry my dear faithful student." Luna continued licking her powerless face. "Twilight is right there, and she will be having a lot of fun with you."

"I wanted to do this lesson myself for so long. And now I get to do it with Trixie. It's like a dream come true." Twilight happily stated as she brought her head towards Trixie's spread legs. Her powerless body laying just high enough to be easily accessible. "Should I start?" She asked her master.

"Yes Twilight, the rear should always start." Luna's smile grew as she saw the look in Trixie's face, it lost most of it's worry turning into pure longing. She would usually force her targets to wait longer, but considering Twilight loved her current mark she let it slide. "Try not to pass out." She told Trixie, adding extra worry back into the blue mare.

Twilight brought her front hooves to the air, gently caressing Trixie's back legs. "I'm going to love this!" She yelled happily as she lowered her head towards the floor, lining up her horn with her lovers lower lips. With a gleeful moan she thrust her horn inside the powerless mare, the intense feeling of her wetness surrounding her horn caused her to moan loudly as her mouth opened in a large smile. "YES!" Twilight yelled as she felt the pleasure force itself through her magic. "OH YES!" She brought her horn outwards nearing the opening before thrusting it fully inside again. Each time the intense pleasure filled her causing her to continue yelling in ecstasy.

Trixie screamed out in equal pleasure as she felt Twilight's horn plowing her insides. It felt so much better than Luna's attention, Twilight's own body forcing itself into her was stronger than any of her dreams made it seem. "TWILIGHT!" She screamed several times before she felt her mouth invaded. She opened her eyes to the sight of Luna's horn thrust into her mouth.

"Go on, just try and scream though this!" Luna demanded as she began forcing her horn deeper into the powerless mouth. "Oh Twilight you don't know how good you have it down there! Nothing beats the rear pleasure, even this!" Luna happily stated before laughing as she continued thrusting her horn into the unicorn.

Trixie continued screaming Twilight's name, her screams being muffled but still audible to all of them as she felt Twilight delve deeper and deeper inside her. Other than screaming her name she had nothing else on her mind, she couldn't think about what was happening or even notice herself being powerless. All she knew and all she could feel was the intense pleasure she was being given. She could feel pressure building inside her escalating wildly as she continued releasing more juices over Twilight. She was screaming Twilight's name even louder then before.

"Oh Twilight." Luna began panting. "How close, are you?" Luna could feel her pleasure building reaching it's peak, her legs were dripping wet as she continued forcing her horn quicker inside Trixie's mouth.

"I could, ahhh! I could come any second!" Twilight yelled barely able to keep herself from exploding as she continued thrusting her horn inside her lovers wetness, she noticed the increasing juices dripping down her mane as she continued. "I think Trixie is also!" She yelled happily as she continued pleasing the unicorn.

"Good!" Luna yelled as she felt herself coming to her climax. "When she comes join her! Ahh!" Luna barely managed to keep her composure as she struggled hard to keep pleasure in.

Trixie couldn't hold herself in any more, she gave of her loudest cry of her life as she screamed Twilight's name, she felt herself about to climax as suddenly two powerful bursts of magic fired from her dominator's horns, shooting through her body as they climaxed. She could barely hear Luna's scream but Twilight's was clear to her. "TRIXIE!" Trixie relished in hearing her name screamed, but she could barely give the time to hear it before the magical streams overtook her. Luna's ebony aura shot through her mouth striking her harshly as it forced itself into the centre of her body. While Twilight's own lavender magic fired itself through her pleasure centre and striking her just as hard as it met Luna's own magical power.

Both magical auras struck each other violently, spreading out waves of pure magic through Trixie's vulnerable body, as it overtook her completely she felt a sudden burst of pleasure taking her over joining with her own climax as it burst out from her, covering Twilight's face like a waterfall as her magic grew uncontrollably, joining all three ponies climaxes together as it erupted from her body, forcing a dark blue shockwave from her heart, ripping though the air as it passed the ponies, destroying the room in a violent wave of destruction.

Trixie collapsed to the floor as the magic keeping her levitated dispersed, the three ponies lay on the floor completely drained by the magical shockwave they had caused. Luna slowly managed to rise to a sitting position as she stared down at the two unicorns, they were staring at each other but powerless to move. Luna smiled lightly as she pulled herself over to Twilight Sparkle, pulling her along the floor gently as she placed her lying next to Trixie. Her smile grew as she saw the two unicorns pull each other in for a hug, with Trixie resting her face on Twilight's chest. "Trixie" Luna called out quietly to the weak unicorn. "You owe me for getting you two together. From now on, you will be my toy." Luna smiled at the concept. "My Great and Powerful Toy."

Twilight smiled happily as she looked to Trixie's confused gaze. "Dear, it's good. I am also her toy." She leaned in to kiss her lover, who happily returned the kiss.


As Luna slowly gained her energy back she managed to lift herself up completely. She looked down at the two still weak mortal ponies, finishing their embraced kiss as they looked into each others eyes. Luna felt a tear form as she stared into both ponies, their eyes filled with a deep love. The love she once saw in Celestia's eyes. The look she gave to Celestia herself. Luna felt herself ready to cry as she realized exactly what it was she missed. That affection Celestia once gave her and her in return. But those days were passed her now, all she had left were her toys.

Luna made her way over to the door of the library, avoiding the destruction their passion had made. "Thank you Master." Luna felt a warmth as she looked back to Twilight Sparkle who always thanked her for her lessons. "For both the lesson, and for getting me and Trixie together."

"Yes, thank you Master. For everything." Trixie responded as she held Twilight close to her.

"I will be here tomorrow for your next lesson as usual, we will have to repeat some to cover Trixie's lost ground." Luna replied happily looking back. As she turned around she continued. "I planned this as I like you both, and wanted to see you happy." Luna made her way out the half broken door as she left the library, leaving the new couple together in peace.

"I didn't plan it." Luna said to herself as she walked down Ponyville's street. "I didn't even know who Trixie was."

"Who did you think planned it." Luna knew the familiar voice as she looked to her side, the angelic allicorn walked up to her, stopping herself to be flank to flank with her sister.

"I should have known." Luna smiled as she looked Celestia in the eyes. "You always have to plan, don't you?"

"And you always have to play." Celestia motioned her hoof for them to walk. As both ponies began slowly moving she continued. "The young magician was quite a sight at Canterlot, I am surprised you didn't go to see her, she showed off against several ponies making fools of them, it was amusing. When I went to see her after the event I happened to look through her window, she was staring at a picture of Twilight Sparkle, clopping away as she moaned her name. It was beautiful." Celestia laughed lightly as she finished. "All I did was mention where Twilight lived, and that she wanted to see her again. She was off before I even finished my sentence. She desired Twilight so much it was truly beautiful, and I am glad it worked out for them."

Luna looked up at her sister as they continued trotting down the street. 'Since when did she care so much for love and nice outcomes?' She thought to herself. 'When did she stop? When I.' Luna stopped moving as the realization hit her. 'When I first said I hated her.'

"Sister, what is the matter?" Celestia made her way back to her Luna who was looking down in sadness, Celestia brought her angelic hoof to her sisters face, raising her vision to meet her own. "Is there something you need to say?"

Luna sighed to herself, she knew what the problem was, she knew why everything had failed for her, why she resorted to only wanting her toys. "Tia." She spoke softly using the name she hadn't used in years. "I'm sorry, I don't hate you I, I miss you." She looked up to her sisters face, it was beaming with joy.

"Oh Luna, I missed you to, I love you." She leaned towards Luna kissing her gently, for the first time in years. "I hated having to use you, what I really wanted was your affection, not just your body." She continued kissing Luna, folding her wings around her sister bringing her into an embrace. "I knew everything would be perfect."

Luna smiled happily as her sister finally broke the embrace. She stopped in thought before a new realization hit her. "Everything would be perfect? You planned this didn't you? This wasn't just for them you planned me to love you again didn't you? How long have you been using me like this?!"

Celestia smiled at her sister. "I knew Twilight Sparkle liked a pony, I knew she would eventually find her lover and teach you what you missed. It was the perfect chance to finally get you back."

"You. You." Luna burst out laughing with a large smile. "Damn you Tia."

"Gotcha." Celestia replied happily stroking her sister's mane. "Mine."

Luna looked up happily to her master and lover. "Let's go to bed." She unfolded her wings and beat down to the floor, hovering herself in the air as she awaited for her sister to join her.

"You are mine?" Celestia asked as she hovered by her sister.

"Yes, but Twilight and Trixie are still mine." Luna replied.

"Deal." Celestia hugged her sister shortly, before heading of to re-establish their love.

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