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The Belt
by: BellyBabe22

One night, a young woman was awoken by the presence of something or someone in her room. She opened her eyes and saw only the outline of a man. He was on top of her, his hands held hers down abover her head, his body was heavy enough to hold her in place but he did not hurt her. He grabbed both of her hands with his left and he unbuttoned her nightshirt with his right. She tried to scream but no sound was heard, all she could was watch as he opened her shirt until her abdomen was exposed, he gently ran his fingers down her chest and past her navel. His touch was comforting but unwanted. Gently, he placed he body between her legs and resumed holding her hands with both of his. The unknwon man kissed her gingerly, her body began to relax as if she were drifting off to a peaceful slumber. The woman couldn't keep her eyes open, she elt only his body press its way into her own. She wanted to fight him, but the feelings of threat and fear had melted away...

The next morning she awoke and saw she was alone. Her nightshirt was buttoned, her hands by her side, the covers were laying on top of her.

"It was all a dream..." She sat up and brushed the hair from her face. She swung her legs over the side of her bed and sat there a moment longer, tyring to remember every aspect of her dream.

The woman, Monroe, got dressed and walked into work like usual. Monore was a gorgeous fashion model who was fortunate enough to have naturally perfect body. She was tall, 5 foot 9 inches, she had long legs, long auburn hair that met her waist, hazel eyes, full lips and perky pair of C cup breasts. She was the envy of all who worked alongside her.

One of the perks to Monroe's job was the free clothes. She always had the most amazing clothes on and was always stunning wherever she went. Monroe walked the stage show, impressed all who saw her and was ready to go home to sleep. As she was exiting the building a man, who she had never met before yet soemhow he seemed very familiar, appraoched her.

"Miss? Miss? You are Monroe Harris am I correct?"

"Yes." Monroe looked the man up and down trying to remember how she recognized his presence.

"This is for you." The man handed her a white box. "This is a new idea for the fashion world."

Monore opened the box and pulled out a black leather belt, it had a large silver buckle, it was square and had vines ingraved into the metal plating, the vines surrounded a large keyhole on the front of the buckle and attached the buckle was a key.

"This is... beautiful!" The design was very new and Monore was thrilled ot have it in her possession. "Thank you, who's it from?"

Monroe looked up from her new accessory but the man was gone! He was standing no more than 2 feet away from her and he had vanished without anyone noticing him.

"Weird..." Monroe put the belt back in its box, drove home and watched some TV. It was nearing midnight and she decided it was time for bed. Monroe tossed and turned all night, the dream was still in her thoughts and that belt was tempting her to wear it, she couldn't understand why.

The box was lying on her dresser top, Monroe got out of bed, took the belt out of the box and put it on over her nightshirt. Since her shirt was pure white and had buttons going down the front, her skin would show through it at times depending on how she stood. The leather was so perfect and felt so gentle, Monroe unbuttoned her shirt and placed the belt around he waist. It's design made it impossible to wear anywhere but directly over her belly button. She pulled the key off the buckle and placed it back in the box. She snapped the buckle close and looked in her mirror and admired it.

When she tried to unfasten the belt however, it wouldn't come undone. Remembering the key, Monroe retrieved it and placed it in the lock. As the key touched the back of the buckle a sharp pain hit her stomach. There was a needle hidden in the back of the buckle and the key forced a spring to release stabbing the needle into her body. The key wouldn't turn and the more she tried to turn the key, the more the needle dug into her flesh. Just as fast as she was stabbed, another sensation began to make itself known to her belly. She felt some kind of liquid being pumped into her body. Everytime she truned the key the liquid would pump into her faster and faster...

Monroe pulled the key form the lock just as the liquid had finished emptying itself from the buckled into her body. She fell to the floor and try to press her fingers beneath the buckle to rub her sore skin. The belt wouldn't budge. In a daze, Monore finally realized that the man who had given her the belt was the one from her dream. But was it a dream or reality.

Sitting on the floor, confused, Monroe re-buttoned her shirt and walked over to her bed to sleep. She could do nothing to remove the belt. She layed on her back, on top of her covers and stared at her ceiling, her belly was still sore. Just as she began to drift off the sleep, a stange warmth began to eminate from her belly, where the needle injected her...

Monroe's belly started to feel warmer and warmer, the soreness was the same and she was beginning to get scared. She gently placed her hands on her belly, the warmth was intense. She pressed her fingers into her belly and there was little give from her flesh.

Suddenly, Monroe felt very tired and weak. She fought to stay awake and tried to sit up, but to no avail. Waking up slowly, Monroe felt her hands were above her head and tied to her bed's head board. Her ankles were bound to the posts at the end of her bed and she had a gag in her mouth. Through foggy eyes Monroe scanned her room, she saw the man who gave her the belt standing at the foot of her bed.

He slowly appraoched her with a smile on his face, he unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her abdomen and ran his fingers over the warmth eminating for her belly. Almost like a trigger was pulled, her belyl seemed to react to his touch.

Without warning, her belly sudden started to feel tight. Monroe looked down at her bare flesh and saw her belly begin to glow a faded yellow hue. The glow faded out as her belly gurled and groaned wildly. It wasn't painful, but it was very loud.

Monroe's eyes widened as she saw her belly begin to push itself outward, gurgling was as loud and constant as her flesh strecthed itself upward and out. Her belly quickly looked as though Monroe had over-eaten. The gurgling never stopped. Her belly jutted out again and again. No longer stuffed, Monroe looked like she was entering her second trimester of pregnancy. The man put his hand on her expanded ball of flesh and smiled more. The warmth again increased and the gurgling grew louder.

Her belly began to pulse in and out from its side and every time her heart beat, her belyl grow outward a full inch. Inch by inch her belly grew and stretched and gurgled. The belt around her belly was strectching to accomodate her changing form. Inches an inches piled onto her elicate frame, suddenly her belly looked full term with a baby.

Tears rolled down Monroe's face a soft whimper escaped through her gag. The man patted her belly again and this time the growth spurts were violent and rapid. Her belly grew again with pulsing and gurgling, but no longer an inch at a time, but three! Her belly started to heave upward getting bigger and rounder each spurt. The gurgling in her belly was now accompanied by movement that grew stronger and more spontaneous. The belt was stretching to its limits and Monroe's belly quickly resembled a woman overdue with triplets.

The man smiled and went to untie Monroe's hands, but as he passed her mammoth form, her growth spurts started again... He jumped back alarmed as the gurgling returned and the sound of the leather belt stretching and tearing eachoed in her room. The belt snapped off and with it went any control the man had over her growth. He stood looking horrified at her body, he then turned and quickly ran from the room.

Monroe tried to scream but couldn't as her belly grew more. The movement inside of her had grown so strong that the life insde was indenting itself on her flesh, each time the life shifted her whole belly would slosh in its direction.

The growth spurts were still going at three inches per heart beat and Monroe was in a panic, her belly was growing at a tremendous rate. Her belly had grown so big so fast her flesh was tight and had no give to it in any manner. Her navel had turned into an outie and was no longer seen by her.

Just as Monroe felt her body would burst open, the growth spurts stopped and she was able to catch her breath. She still couldn't move and she could cry for help. Monroe felt she was doomed to be crushed by her own body or explode.

The man had returned to see his work and was amazed that Monroe was still alive! Monroe glared at the man and hated him silently. Again, Monroe felt very tired and weak, her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Monroe sat up inher bed and sweating heavily. Her body was normal and she was safe in her bed, alone.

"Another... Another bizarre dream?" She thought her dreams were becoming too real and decided to call in sick to work.

Monroe sat in her bed and tried to figure out what was happening to her in her dream world and determined it was stress. She stood up and walked to the edge of her bed. She stepped on something on her floor and looked down. It was a belt that had been stretched to its limits and had broken in half...


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