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Post  Erika on Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:50 am

I can't really remember what had happened two days ago, but I'll tell you what I can.

I woke on a cold examination table, with no clothes on what so ever. My naked body almost glowed under the light above me. There were odd creatures milling about around me- almost what I would characterize as a werewolf. They had wolf-like muzzles, legs, arms, eyes, and tails. They were covered in fur, but walked around on two legs and spoke to another with the muzzles. One seemed to notice that I was awake, and stepped over to me.

"Ah! You're awake. We may now begin our experiment," he said. "Amur, Inkli, come over here. I need your feminine touch."

"Yes, of course," the female wolves said as they walked over. They observed me, their 9-foot-tall bodies looming over me.

"Wh-what are you going to do to me?" I asked, finally finding my voice, which had deserted me since I had woke up.

"Oh, only some tests," the first wolf said. "We are the last of our species, and we need to figure out a way to give us more of our population. We have discovered that your kind is very good at bearing children. So, we have selected you for our experiment. Your young 19-year-old body can cope with having babies from our species, so you are going to have the children for us." with that, he slapped a mask over my face and I blacked out.

I woke up in a soft, large bed on the ship about what I thought was four hours later. The wolf came into the room and asked: "How are you? The operation was a success. Your body accepted the embryos."

"Whoa, whoa," I said. I started to feel a weird pressure on my torso. "Embryos? I thought I was only going to be pregnant with one child."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," he chuckled. "We normally have anywhere from 6-10 children at once. Since you have noticed that our kind is a bit taller than the average human, the embryos will naturally be a bit bigger than a normal human baby. If a normal human baby weighs 6 pounds, then these pups, as we call them, could weigh around 10." The pressure on my body was becoming greater. I pulled at the covers, but his clawed hand stopped me. When he touched me, a cold chill ran through my body. It was like their species was twenty degrees colder than humans were, but I liked it.

"Right now, you can't look at yourself. In about a day, after your body recovers from the operation." He said in a soothing tone.

"Who are you?" I asked, not knowing his name. "And what is your species called?"

"I am Kinlik, my species is often called Varg, which would roughly translate into "Wolf" into your language."

"Ok, Kinlik, I'm Noel," I replied to his statement. "Is there any specific reason you impregnated me, and what will happen to my body?"

"Well, before we came here, to your planet, ours was in a civil war. One side was fighting for who owned the land to the north, because it was split horizontally. Our kind have to be in colder temperatures," He said. "The war lasted a hundred years. Most of our kind were wiped out, and our kind can't reproduce fast enough to supply the population. Since humans have a quicker gestation period, we decided to see if your gestation would be faster than a normal Varg's. It normally lasts around 12 months, but if your gestation makes it quicker, than your body will cause it to become 12 weeks. If this works, you can stay on the ship for the rest of your life, slowly becoming more and more like a Varg, which live for eternity, unless they are killed in battle. If you enjoy living here and you would like to live with us, we will make arrangements for you to stay until you are a total Varg. Anyway, your body will not change like a normal human pregnancy. Since you are carrying pups, they will need more milk and space. First you will gain weight in your hips and thighs. After that, your breasts will grow in size. They will grow past the size of a normal pregnancy. The pups need quite a bit of milk to survive the first 48 hours, so they will become healthy and strong. Your breasts will expand to be quite large for the size they are now. After that, your body will expand. We don't know how big you will become, with your slight body. However, you will go in two weeks for an ultrasound. Then we will know how many you will be having. We injected 15 embryos, but we're sure that not all of them have started to grow. Now, you should sleep. When you wake up, feel free to get up and take a good look at your body. Good night." He turned off the lights, and I immediately felt tired.

I was dreaming, I knew it. I was at my apartment, watching TV. It was turned on loud, so I could barely hear myself thinking. As I watched, the pressure was on my body again. I was inflating. My breasts broke the bra and started to fill up the shirt, my thighs ripped the pants down the seams. My belly pushed outward, making the shirt slide up my skin and onto my chest. I was filling up the couch, and I felt like I was going to burst. Just as I heard a deep ripping noise in my womb, I woke up with a start. The lights were back on, and on the wall, there was a clock with the time and date. My time, Pacific, was 7 AM. I had to go to the bathroom. I got up from the bed and wobbled. 'I haven't been out of that bed for two days,' I thought. I shuffled to the bathroom and closed the door. In the mirror, my reflection looked about the same as it had a few days ago, but....

"My thighs!" I declared, shocked at how big my body had gotten in the past few days. My breasts were tender to touch, and my belly had a little distinct bulge on it.

"Are you ok, Noel?" Kinlik asked as he walked into the room, looking around for me and noticing that the shiny door to the bathroom was closed.

"Yeah, I think," I said, still in shock. He opened the door and came in.

"Oh, yes," He said. "The effects of the pills are already showing. How do you feel?"

"Um, ok I guess. I just have a little more of body than I'm used to," I said, gesturing to my lower body.

"Yeah, I guess," He chuckled. "May I?" He asked, pointing to my slightly larger belly.

"Yes, of course. You are basically the father, anyway," I pointed out. His hand reached out to feel my belly, and it felt very nice to have his hand rubbing the growth. Last night, when he touched me, his hand was extremely cold. Now, his hand felt like a perfect temperature match. My belly must be colder than my body.

Two weeks later.....

We walked to the ultrasound room, Kinlik and I, (Me more like waddling) to see how many I would be having. My belly had expanded to the size of a watermelon in two weeks, my breasts looked like basketballs, and my rear doesn't fit into any pants that they have in the ship. My rear stopped growing last week, so now it's just going to stay like that. By now, we have reached the room where the ultrasound can take place. I laid down on the table, and Kinlik rubbed jelly on my growth. He turned on the machine, and it made a humming noise that fell into background noise as the picture started to appear.

"There's one," Kinlik said. "Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Nine pups! Good work, Noel! You're going to help our species!" He seemed very happy about what was going to happen in ten short weeks. We cleaned off the jelly and put on the dress they had in the back. It was a sexy hot pink dress that stretched thin over my breasts and belly. He looked wistfully at my body. I noticed his look, grabbed his hand and raced down the hallway.

"What are you doing?" He asked, bewildered. "I know you saw how I wanted your body, but do you really want to?"

"Get over here," I said, laying on the bed, pulling the dress off. My breasts jiggled as I took off the bra and the dress. I was naked as I walked over to him and unbuttoned his shirt. He made no further complaints as I pulled off his shirt and pants. We went to the bed, and laid down. He spent half his time kissing me, and the other half rubbing my bare belly and breasts. It was the best time of my life. I was falling in love with an alien and he was the father of my kids I am bearing for science. I loved him and the pups, and for him, I knew that I would love to become a Varg to be with him forever. My belly got in the way of our sex, however, but it only made it that much better. We fell asleep twined together.

When we woke up, my belly was shuddering.
"It's my growth day, Kinlik," I said as my belly grew another six inches, along with my breasts, which were now the size of beach balls. They were going to stay that big. My belly would grow another three inches that day, and I felt like I was glowing.

Six weeks later.....

My body is the size and weight of a reclining chair. My 125 pound self had gained 200 pounds in the past two months. I only had to go through another month, and I could become a Varg, like Kinlik. I sat on the ultrasound chair again, looking at the pups growing inside me. They looked so cute, but their weight was really straining on my body. I had terrible back pains, and my ankles were killing me. My body was changing in ways that were different than I had planned. My toenails and fingernails have hardened and become more like claws, my feet are now more like paws. My ears have moved to the top of my head, my eyes were more wolf-like, and they had turned to a color of caramel. A small tail had formed, but it just looks like a random nub.

Three and a half weeks later.....

I laid on the bed, nothing to do. I was waiting for my children to come- Kinlik said they could go into birth anytime now. I'm huge! I can't see anything six feet in front and below me. I hope they come soon- I can't wait to see them. I had a small piece of charcoal in my paw, and I was drawing on my distended body. I was drawing little shapes and pictures, like little wolves or moons. Then, I felt a tug in my belly. I heard the low tearing noise in my belly that I remember from some three months ago, and I called out to Kinlik.

"What is it, Noel?" he asked. He saw the look on my face and rushed me to the birthing room. I gave birth to 9 healthy Varg. Four girls and five boys. I was overjoyed once I saw their fluffy fur and bright eyes. My body realized the kids were out, and completed my transformation. I grew four feet, grew fur, my mouth became a muzzle, and my tail became longer and fluffy.

I hopped up and kissed Kinlik. He then said: "These children will greatly help our species. Since you were a human before, your womb is still the same. We can do the same thing without having to take the full time. Would you like to do this again?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," I said, my new canines glittering. "But I would like to do it naturally." With that, I grabbed his hand and walked back to my bedroom.

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