Lord of the Rings - The New Darkness

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Lord of the Rings - The New Darkness

Post  Vilkas on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:27 am

Set a few years after Frodo and Sam destroyed The One Ring, the land of Middle-Earth is peaceful. But, in the darkest parts of Middle-Earth, there are whispers of a powerful being that will grant strength to any who gaze into its eyes. Now most of Middle-Earth is on a wild manhunt to get this being and either use it, or kill it.

Unbeknownst to anyone, a power to match the darkness is growing in the hearts of a select few in Middle-Earth. There is no way to tell who has this power, not even the people with the power know they have it. All the people know is that some have been gathering in the forest of Fangorn.

1) The Usual
2) I don't know if anyone will join, but I'm still gonna put a cap (of 2 at most) on how many wizards there can be on each side
3) Just to add to the fun, as long as it is acceptable to the setting you can make a new species/ sub-species. Just don't pull it out of thin air, work on it well
4) Have fun

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