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Name: Amarth
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Species: Elf
Lord of the Rings - The New Darkness Anime-Vampire
Bio: Not much is known about Amarth. One day an elf woman found him wandering the woods near Mirkwood, bloodied and half dead. He didn't stay long. The elf woman found his bed empty the next day, and no one in Mirkwood saw him leave. He had left the moment he awoke, leaving a small letter of thanks for the woman that saved him. Some say they see him roaming villages at night, and the next morning a tragedy would befall the village and whoever saw him.
Personality: Unknown. Some say he is gentle and kind, others say he is sadistic and cruel.
Other: Rumors say that he is the powerful being that will grant strength to whoever looks in his eyes. He has a scar on his left hip, and a slight limp. His name means 'Doom'

Name: Aradûr
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Height: 4' 2"
Species: Man
Lord of the Rings - The New Darkness Sai
(Please ignore the clothes and put him in regular peasant clothes)
Bio: Aradûr was born to a soldier's family in Rohan. His father was a royal guard for the king and his mother was a traveler from Gondor. He lead a fairly normal life until one day he was captured by a mysterious dark figure. His father searched for days as his mother waited at home to wait for his return, and one day he did return. But he was different when he returned, he now wore an eye patch and when ever anyone got close he would run away. He and his mother moved to a small village closer to the boarders of Rohan and now live in peace.
Personality: Sweet, gentle, and shy
Other: Is surprisingly good at hiding almost anywhere. Also, his name means 'Noble Dark'.

Name: Wulfric
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Species: Man (Rohan)
Lord of the Rings - The New Darkness Anime-10
Bio: Wulfric lost his father at a young age when he found a Haradrim spy and was killed by them. His mother fell into depression, but he did everything he could to bury his sadness and try to get his mother to smile again. Sadly she died of illness a few months later. Wulfric never shed a tear at her burial, and even tried to smile, but the villagers knew his pain. They knew how much he hated to show sadness. He was always with the younger children of the village and so he viewed himself as someone they could count on to be strong. After years of working on his fathers ranch, one day he suddenly left. He told no one where he was headed, only saying "I feel I must leave... there is something I must learn for myself"
Personality: Friendly and lighthearted
Other: Wields twin blades in battle. Due to his years on his father's ranch he is a skilled rider. His father was a ranger of the north, but he settled in a quiet village when he fell in love with Wulfric's mother. Some rangers know him and call him 'Shanks'

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