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Post  Erika on Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:08 am

this is a fan-fiction story i wrote. arya, and flower belong to me. all other characters belong to ann rice interview with the vampire.

Don’t you just hate it when people think it’s funny to torment you because they want you to feel terrible? I do. My name is Arya and I’m a vampire. I have beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, and my skin is a pale pink. My best friends names are Lestat, Louis, and Claudia. They’re vampires too, and we all live together. I can still remember how I became a vampire, and I also remember who changed me. This is how I became a vampire.

I was only fourteen years of age. My parents had died in a fire, and the rest of my family died of he plague in France. Back then I lived on the streets, stealing food to live. In the daytime I would sleep, and by night I hunted for things to steal so I could survive. Then one day I became ill, I knew I was dying. I went to my parent’s grave to die, and it is there that I was born.

Two men were walking between the gravestones right towards me. Both were tall and handsome. One man had blue eyes, and wavy blond hair. The other man had brown eyes, and straight brown hair. I heard their footsteps, but I was too weak to move. I heard them talking to each other. I learned the blond was Lestat, and the brown was Louis. I tried to lift my head to tell them I was still alive and to tell them to go before the got ill.

Lestat knelt down beside me and took me into his arms.
“Do you want to become one of us little one?” Asked Lestat.
“What are you?” I answered.

Lestat chuckled and told me he was a vampire, and so was Louis. Lestat told me it might hurt, but it will make me immortal. He asked me the question again. Without hesitation I answered him.

Lestat bit my neck, and took some of my blood. He then bit his own wrist, holding it to my mouth, and told me to drink his blood. I did, then he told me to stop, but I found that I couldn’t so he pulled away. That’s when I felt the pain. My left arm and chest burned. I felt like I was on fire. I withered, and screamed upon the ground. I knew my body was transforming. When the pain stopped, I noticed that my hair was longer, but still blond, and my hair had turned a pale pink. I sat up and looked around. Lestat was looking at me affectionately, whereas Louis was looking at me in horror. I knew then that I had turned into a vampire.

I found that I was thirsty so Lestat, and Louis took me to feed on human blood. That’s how we found Claudia.

Her whole family had died of the plague. So Louis changed her into a vampire so she wouldn’t be alone.

We all lived together in a big mansion in France. We never spoke French, only English. We hunted the humans every night to sustain us.

As I grew into a more understanding vampire I still didn’t trust one person, Claudia. The way she looked at Lestat was just unbearable. She looked like she would kill him or something. Every time I tried tell Lestat. She was always there and would stare me into silence. Then it happened.

Claudia tricked Lestat to drink the blood from dead twins. He fell to the floor and screamed so loud you could hear it all the way down the street. I ran to Lestat and put my arms around him, trying to stop Claudia. It didn’t work. She shoved me out of the way and slit his throat. Louis grabbed Claudia and yelled at her. I was kneeling on the floor with Lestat in my arms. I told him “I love you.” Repeatedly. He looked at me and said in a whisper “I love you too.” He died right after he said it.

We buried him in the marsh and went home.

A few months later I played my favourite song on the piano. Claudia, who had been sitting next to me, screamed and ran to the door. I looked up and Lestat was standing beside me, looking at Claudia with fury in his eyes. I got up and walked around the piano to stand in front of Lestat. He looked at me and on his face was smile. He took me into his arms and kissed me. I kissed him back. Claudia was still standing by the door, but Louis was standing beside her. Lestat looked at Claudia again. He started to cross the room to kill her. I placed my right hand on his chest and shake my head. He took a step back and nodded towards the balcony. I realize he looks the same as he always has. Louis and Claudia are talking inside, but I’m not paying attention. I’m looking at Lestat. He looks sad. I go to him to hug him, but he pulls away from me. I see that he is afraid of something.
“I’m not afraid of you.” I try to tell him.
“You should be.” He answers in a sad voice.
“I’m not, and will never be.”
“I still love you Arya”
“I know. Is that why you came back?”
“I missed you Arya.”
“Lestat, I miss you too, and I love you.”

He looks at me then. He no longer seems sad or afraid. I realize I was crying so I try to wipe away the tears. Before I do he grabs me around the waist and pulls me to him. I feel his muscled chest under my head, and hear his heart under my ear. Lestat strokes my hair and back as I cry with gut wrenching sobs that made my body shake. The only thing that mattered now was Lestat and I. I loved him, and he loved me. That’s all that mattered. I stopped Crying and open my eyes. Louis and Claudia are looking at us through the balcony doorway. Claudia apologized to Lestat and there is no more tension between us.

With everything resolved Lestat and I are married in the cathedral. A few months later Louis and Claudia get married in the same cathedral. Claudia was not able to produce children, but I was. Lestat and I had a beautiful baby daughter, who we named Flower.

It has been two hundred years and we all live happily together in a wonderful home in France.


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