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Post  Vilkas on Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:58 am

10 years ago, a man named Nicolai Conrad opened the door to Pandora's Box, a door at the very top of Apoina Tower in the Vatican. This door held a thousand years worth of pent up malice. This malice fueled the first and second World Wars.

It is now 1929, and the malice seems to have dissipated. Or has it? The appearance of a mysterious woman may prove that all is not as peaceful as it seems.


  • Malice means "hatred". It is a mystical force of its own, a bright red light that causes anger and grants weird powers to those infused with it
  • Will is the antithesis of Malice and is represented by a blue light, in contrast the red Malice. The power of Will is able to repel and negate any power of Malice. But that power could be abused and channeled into powerful abilities. Its power is able to cleanse any malice within a person as well
  • Very few people know about malice and Will. Those that do usually aren't quick to bring it up unless they must (ie: explaining to someone they must team up with that doesn't know)
  • Windows, as will later in the rp be explained, are blue-green vortexes that allow monsters from other worlds to come into this world. Windows don't appear all the time, but usually open when the characters are close to the villain
  • A rare people exist, called Harmonixers, that have the ability to Fuse with the souls of monsters to grant them abilities at the cost of their sanity while fused. Another, safer method called Spirit Pacts also exists that grants the ability to change form, like Fusion, but without the cost of sanity. Though, only those with strong souls can survive a Soul Pact since it entitles having a new soul enter a body meant for only one. All sanity is restored once the harmonixer changes back, but if they can't there is no hope for them and they must be killed. Harmonixers can gain one fusion per element, but a Spirit Pact relies solely on the strength of the pact maker
  • The elements are: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark
  • Before I forget, the rp starts in New York, but will end up jumping all over the world
  • If you haven't guessed, this is a fantasy rp so, as long as you can explain it, your character can wear anything from a tank and jeans to a headdress and robes

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