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The world had advanced greatly over the years, developing new and better computers. But none were as widely owned than Persocoms - human shaped computers. Some whisper of the legendary Chobits, Persocoms with true sapience rather than the personality files all Persocoms have.

No one has successfully made or found a Chobits, but that doesn't stop some from trying for the sake of their robotic companions.

1) The Usual
2) No actual Chobits, that defeats the already weak plot. Eventually the Persocoms will 'upgrade' so to speak
3) No Persocom is on their own. They are either with an owner or in a store turned off until they are bought.
4) THIS IS FROM THE ANIME - The 'ON' and 'OFF' switch for Persocoms is in the crotch
5) Any questions, just ask me
6) have fun Cool

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