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Post  Vilkas on Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:56 pm

Spoilers for Mass Effect two! (Just the prologue)

After the destruction of the Normandy, Shepard was found and resurrected thanks to the Lazarus Project. But, what if the project failed? What if Shepard was never found to begin with? Cerberus must place the fate of the universe in the hands of a new team

1. The Usual
2. You can choose any race, but please stay true to that race's culture and such
3. There is no Shepard. That bloodline is gone.
4. If you want a connection with a character from the game, go right ahead. Just don't go overboard (ie: I am Garrus' son)
5. You can either be there at the beginning or you can come up with a recruitment mission. Just 'cause
6. I am obsessed. I am proud Twisted Evil
7. Have fun

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