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Post  Vilkas on Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:37 am


"If I can do something for my family and those who have already lost loved ones to this infection then I'll pay any price"
- Unknown (Kyo before being infected)
Name: Kyo
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10"
Immune/Carrier: Infected (hunter)
Appearance: Same as any other hunter, but has black hair with bangs that slightly cover his amber eyes. His eyes have scars over them from when he tried to claw them out.
Left 2 Die The-hu10
Bio: Kyo was intentionally infected by CEDA for an experiment to regain the minds of the infected. CEDA stopped Kyo from clawing his eyes away which kept him from gaining the excellent hearing and echolocation of regular hunters. The other infected under the experiment perished. Kyo tried to escape, but was injected before he could. As he leapt from roof to roof he slowly began to regain a sense of self, but the progress was limited.
Other: The only infected to survive experimentation. Kyo communicates slightly with actual words (though it comes out very strained and morphed) but mostly uses signal growls and hand signs
Tank (Tonka)
Tank heard: Freeze
Tank near: whimper with a growl undertone
Witch (Wah)
Witch heard: Sniffle
Witch near: Deep in the throat growl
Smoker (Somah)
Smoker heard: Cough
Smoker near: Air going over the vocal cords
Hunter (Aunta)
Hunter heard: One hand up, other hand motioning for silence, ear up
Hunter near: Flattens body to the ground
Boomer (Bompa)
Boomer heard: Gags
Boomer near: tsk tsk tsk tsk (Ticking with his tongue)
Jockey (Joka)
Jockey heard: Pulls on the others sleeves to get the to crouch
Jockey near: Starts to snarl at no one (He's trying to scare it off)
Charger (Chaka)
Charger heard: Oof
Charger near: Pushes everyone against walls
Spitter (Pitta)
Spitter heard: Head low, looks at rooftops
Spitter near: Ssssssssss
Jake (Jaack): awkward 'air rifle' held at his abdomen
Sam (Keh-da): Cross over his chest
Till (Ti**): Flicks his tongue (only way he can imitate the tendril)
Tim (Fak): To be determined
Blaze (Bom): Bobs his head (Think raptor from Jurassic Park)
'Out of regular territory': Snarls, readies to pounce, digs his claws into the ground like a cat kneading
'Where?': Sniffs the air while doing hand signals (ie: Sniff + 'air riffle' = where is Jacob?)

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Left 2 Die Empty Jake Starling

Post  evan..relic on Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:42 am

Name: Jake Starling
Age: 20
Height: 6' 2"
Immune/Carrier?: Immune
Appearance: Left 2 Die Jake_s11
Bio: He was an Army Cadet, where he got a lot of his firearm training, then left at 18 to pursue other interests. His father was in the Army who brought home some guns when he was given an honorable discharge. Lived on the outskirts of Toronto, the 'field' behind his house served as a firing range and training ground for him.
Other: Can be quiet and calculating, but not what you'd consider cold. Can be somewhat friendly after a while.

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Left 2 Die Empty Samantha

Post  Erika on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:26 am

Name: Samantha
Age: 18
Height: 5' 4"
Immune/Carrier: Immune
Appearance: Left 2 Die Anime-10
Bio: Worked with CEDA, with her cousin. Her brother was a hunter, who she believes is either dead, or the hunter who escaped her care. Her cousin was unfortunately killed, for insubortination. Sam blew up CEDA HQ, and now hunts for her brother.
Other: She carries a dessert eagle on her right thigh, and a knife in her right boot. She is kind, but can be deadly if you piss her off. She cares very much for her brother.

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Left 2 Die Empty Re: Left 2 Die

Post  The Family God on Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:21 am

Name: Till Schwartz
Age: 32
Height: 5' 9"
Immune/Carrier: Infected (Whiplash)
Appearance: Ragged and ripped white shirt, black sweater with the right arm ripped to shreds, strange tendril coming out of his right wrist, tendril has a spiked tip to it and has a few of the smoker-like growths on the forearm, dirt-covered black pants.
Bio: Was raising a family before the Green Flu hit. His wife, Tina, was infected on her way home from work when the infection hit. However, the one infection didn't just claim Tina...it also claimed the life of the unborn baby Tina was carrying. Tina soon became a Witch, despite everything Till did to try and help her, and she stabbed his right arm with her massively-long nails. Till fought back, and eventually strangled his infected wife until she stopped moving. After that, he grabbed whatever he could scavenge and started to stagger about the city, trying to keep alive with CEDA Certified Anti-gen injections "AGI". He currently has 1 USP pistol with 2 clips remaining (the second clip is the "save 1 bullet" clip), a small meat-cutting knife, and a single 24 hour AGI injection.
Other: The infection will only get more aggressive over time, as far as I have it set up right now, there is no cure. If there is, Till will continue thinking there isn't any.
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Left 2 Die Empty Re: Left 2 Die

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:54 am

Name: Blaze
Age: 29
Height:6' 2''
Immune/Carrier: Infected (Reaper)
Appearance: Black trench coat, black shirt, black pants, spiked shoulder gaurds, spiked bracers, black hair with a crimson stripe(a trait common among Reapers)
Bio: Taken from his family at birth and put into the Reaper program, a program developed by CEDA to track down any special infected that escape the facility. As with all the other reaper he was injected witha controlled dose of the green flu increasing his strength and speed he was then trained in the use of guns as well as hand to hand combat. Was sent on his first mission once he completed his training and continued to do missions for a month, but then he found out that CEDA had been taking people of the streets and infecting them. This information angered him which caused him to leave CEDA, but of course it wasn't that easy on his way out he had to kill every Reaper that was there at the time(their were six Reapers at CEDA but in total there are twelve) so they would have no one to hunt for him, but his left leg was seriously injured in the fight. He found a church to make his base in for now. His current equipment are a modified sniper rifle with 1 clip of ammo, a USP pistol with 2 clips of ammo, a combat knife, a canteen filled with water and two days worth of AGI injections(one every 24 hours to regulate the infection)


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Left 2 Die Empty Re: Left 2 Die

Post  Stonewing on Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:21 pm

Name: "Flash" Timothy Gordon
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Gender: Male
Infected/Carrier: Carrier.
Appearanace: Brown eyes, brown hair, caucasian, short hair, some freckles, evenly spaced eyes. Flawless skin (minus arms and knees), Iron Maiden T-shirt, Black jeans, blue sports shoes, blue tinted shades, black baseball cap.
Bio: Timothy was at home when the infection first started. His sister brought the green flu in from school. Immediately after she was taken to the doctor and was diagnosed, CEDA stepped into the picture. They quarantined the whole house and everyone inside, including Tim. For days, Tim tried to get passed the CEDA checkpoint right outside his door, but was refused because there were traces of the infection within Tim. All he could do was wait. Until his sister went full out homicidal and started trying to kill him. Tim couldn't face the truth that his sister was gone, so he hid in the bathroom for about two days. As soon as he came out, there was a tear in the quarantine bubble. Tim saw this opportunity and took it. For a few weeks, he survived at the local school, breaking into lockers for food. That is where he grabbed his trusty Bowie knife. Other than that, Tim had nothing, but wandered the streets until coming across a few select individuals in a restaurant.

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Left 2 Die Empty Amy Monroe

Post  Vilkas on Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:32 am

"I'm not gonna just sit on my ass and wait for these jackasses to kill me. I'm curin' this plague - one bullet at a time"
- Amy Monroe
Name: Amy Monroe (AJ)
Height: 5' 10
Immune/Carrier: Carrier
Left 2 Die Oh_aj_10
Bio: Amy lived with her brother, Ike, on an apple orchard not far from the city. Since their parents died Ike and Amy were inseparable. They shared a joke with each other that, since they looked like the characters and worked on an apple orchard, they were the human incarnations of Applejack and Big Mac. Everyone thought the joke was stupid, but the siblings didn't care. Sadly, a friend of Ike that worked with CEDA came and gave the siblings a test to see if they were infected before CEDA officially came to test them. Amy was a carrier, and Ike was infected. The night before CEDA came Ike gave Amy a piggyback ride all around the orchard, like he used to when she was little. Amy blamed herself for Ike's infection and fought against CEDA when they tried to take Ike away. Ike managed to get CEDA off of them and made Amy run. Amy knows it's not possible, but she still keeps an eye out for Ike. Whatever he has become.
Other: Amy is only armed with a shotgun and pistol. The pistol has no bullets and her shotgun shells are running low

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