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Name: Henry Anderson
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Poor Unfortunate Souls Tempor11
Bio: Henry lived with his widowed mother in a small village by a castle on the hill. People were scared of his eyes, unsure of what to make of two colors. Some said his soul was divided, others said he was a demon in a past life and ate another persons soul that traveled to his new body as a symbol of his evil. None dared to venture near him, his mother was left catatonic after her husband's death and barely acknowledged he was there. One day he met a beautiful young woman who made him feel welcome and wanted. After 7 months the woman asked Henry "What would you do for me?" He smiled and replied "Anything my love." This pleased the woman and she led him to her castle, into the dungeon. In one of the dungeon cell's she gave Henry a knife and said "kill this girl and prove your love for me" Henry was terrified. He threw the knife away and said "I... I can't... not a child" The woman laughed at Henry and replied "tsk tsk I thought you loved me. Did you forget?" Henry turned to the woman and before he could speak she forced him to drink a potion and said "Then let me help you" Henry woke up, cold and alone, strapped to a table with a pendulum swinging over him. All he could remember was a name: Henry.
Other: Henry's guard often cries out Henry's name, asking him 'Why?'

Name: Adam Peters
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Poor Unfortunate Souls 90943810
Bio: Adam is the big bad's older brother. He, like his sister, enjoyed studies of the human psyche. But he realized he had a problem when someone at his school committed suicide and he simply wondered if he would be allowed to survey people to see how they handled it. He went to a psychiatrist to get help and eventually got better, but not without interference from his sister. She tempted Adam with the prospect of studying tortured people and their fractured psyche. She even gave him a woman to test. But after seeing the doctor he lost his ability to ignore his guilt. It was too much and his mind blocked most his memories.
Other: Adam's guard sings when she thinks she's found someone. Her voice has a haunting tone, and sometimes she will say "I know this is your favorite song. Don't you like my voice?"

Idle - Enough with light
Tell me one more time
My blood, your line
Is this you inside?

Discover - Calling the children
Conception and dying
Silent, but screaming

Search - Death to the living
The flame has no living heart
In the order of life, they know you there
As you saw it, your plan, a real shot in the dark,
Came a little too late, it's over

Attack - Damage done to the flesh, what they say in the name of the
Damage done to the heart is the start of the end
Damage done to my soul, I know, it goes with my
Damage done to my life, cursing loud at the chaos

Name: Rene Archer
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Poor Unfortunate Souls Tempor12
Bio: Rene was always a strong and kind man. He often helped people by carrying heavy things for them. One day he became deathly ill. People believed he had been possessed and called upon exorcists to help. Many exorcists tried to cure his 'possession', but nothing worked and Rene was slipping. A young woman visited Rene, claiming to be 'The Best Exorcist in France', and convinced Rene's family to let her take him away to be cured. The woman helped Rene, and he asked her "What can I do to repay you?" The woman smiled and replied "Would you be willing to undergo a test?"
Other: Rene's guard talks like they are playing a game.

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