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Name: Adan of The Crows
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Height: 5' 10"
Origin: Seleny, Antiva
Class: Rouge (Assassin)
Appearance: (Ignore the werewolf)
Dragon Age: Decpetion Worg_t10
Bio: Adan was a slave on the Antivan market, sold to The Crows at age ten. He did very well in his training and always got his target. Adan even managed to assassinate a King famous for his extreme paranoia and quickness to execute anyone he suspected to be an assassin. He was sent to Fereldan to track down and kill some renegade Crows. The Grey Wardens crossed his path as he was 'cleaning up' one of his targets. Adan got away before the Wardens could question him, but he secretly followed them and was at Ostagar when the Darkspawn struck. He was knocked out and dragged back into the woods. When he awoke he escaped with two other captives, but they ran into a broodmother and one of the captives with him was badly injured. Adan made it to the surface, but his injured companion died in his arms.

Name: Cadros (Fen'Harel)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Origin: Tevinter Imperium
Class: Warrior (Two-handed weapons)
Dragon Age: Decpetion Tumblr_lmdphfWm041qgj2rto1_400
Bio: Cadros was a rare instance where a human was sold into slavery. To save themselves from being thrown onto the streets, a family of refugees sold their son to a powerful magister.

This magister abused Cadros unusual strength and often had him fight to the death. After years of faithful service the magister betrayed Cadros' family and left for Ferelden, a trip to his second home in Deneram.

They wandered to close to a Dalish Camp and were confronted by hunters. For fun, Cadros was ordered to kill the the hunters and then kill all the elves in the camp. It proved too much for Cadros and so he ran.

He was set upon by darkspawn and was tainted. By chance, Duncan was passing by and saved him. He went through The Joining and survived, he was at Ostagar when Cailan was killed, and he escaped to Redcliffe.

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