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Post  Vilkas on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:53 am

I see you have awakened. Poor thing, you look so confused. Don't worry for I have left you all you need. A lantern, and a choice: Stay in your small, dark, room or try and escape my dungeon.

Do not fear, you are not alone. Others are here. Waiting. But be warned, not all in my dungeon are safe. I have conducted a few, shall we say... experiments. The results gave me some very trusty guards to patrol the halls, so it would do wonders for your health if you could stay away from them. Oh how I love the human mind!

I have made a special guard for each person in the dungeon. I hope you like them as I have liked creating them! To give you a fair chance I have removed the eyes of all my guards, so stay quiet and they may pass you by. Do not try to fight them. There are no weapons, and none are effective against them.

If you must know why I am doing this it is simply because I can! People of high society, like myself, are not bound by what someone like you would call 'Law'. Those are boundaries that only small folk need. I am elite!

Who am I? That is for you to find out. As a reward for surviving.

If you can


* This rp is based on the game 'Amnesia'
* The guards are tortured people from the characters past that shared a special bond with that character. There is one per character.
* The characters all start out separated, the character in the first room may find the other characters in traps that they must be freed from. The character in the first room is up for debate
* This is set in 1839
* It is up to you whether your character was tortured or merely pulled in as a tool for the big bad's test.

1) The usual
2) No character can fight a guard. They are nearly indestructible. They can, however, be lured into a trap. Just don't pull that until later in the rp.
3) As long as you can manage: NO CHARACTER LIMIT!

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