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Dragon Age: Decpetion Empty Dragon Age: Decpetion

Post  Vilkas on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:17 am

Facing unexpected betrayal at the hands of those who were supposed to be Ferelden's greatest defenders, the Grey Wardens must now utilize the old Grey Warden treaties to gather unlikely allies and build an army to face the Archdemon, an Old God manifested in the form of a powerful and terrifying dragon, now tainted by the darkspawn and risen from its prison beneath the surface to unleash the fifth Blight in the turbulent history of Thedas.

1) The Usual
2) Mages can only specialize in one magic tree (see the wiki posted in notes)
3) Most Wardens were killed in the battle at Ostagar, so please keep that in mind when making characters. (Again, refer to the wiki for more info)
4) The abilities from Origins are the only magic we will use (To keep things simple), but you can get inspiration from II if you want

Anything you are unsure of just ask me or look for it at dragonage dot wikia dot com (can't post links yet)

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