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Singer, player, manager, producer, or other:

Name: Suoh Yuuki
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Just My Luck Anime110
Bio: Suoh moved to Canada when he was 24. He got employed at Shooting Star Productions when the president found him under 'special circumstances' and offered a job. He worked hard and eventually made it to Manager. His English is okay, but his accent still shines through at times.
Personality: Kind, easily stressed, and selfless
Singer, player, manager, producer, or other: Manager
Other: Suoh is very shy, and often mocked because of it

Name: Aldo Wells
Age: 23
Gender: male
Height: 6'3"
Appearance: Short black hair, blue eyes, slender, toned.
Just My Luck Aldo_b10
Bio: Aldo grew up in the foster care system, jumping from home to home, and never really had a solid parental figure. He was adopted by Kyle Wells at age 16 and, for the most part, had a normal life from then on. He was harassed and outcast by people when they found out he was 'swinging for the other team', but he would just flip them off and go flirt with the next guy that caught his eye. He developed his skill for clothing design and was hired at Shooting Star Productions when he was 19.
Personality: enthusiastic, playful, flirty, and gay!
Singer, player, manager, producer, or other: Costume Designer
Other: Has a tendency to flirt shamelessly with his male 'customers', so long as they don't freak out.


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