Something Wicked This Way Come

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Something Wicked This Way Come

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Name: Nibal Inan
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 3"
Ill?: No

Personality: Cheerful and optimistic
Bio: Nibal was born to a poor family. His parents were always working to earn money, but they couldn't charge much. Nibal's uncle used to be a hunter, and Nibal saw his chance to help his parents. Whenever his uncle visited Nibal would beg to be taught how to use a bow and sword. He excelled with a bow, but he wasn't very good with a sword. Instead he used an assortment of daggers and throwing knives. Eventually he learned enough to hunt on his own, and so he started selling pelts. He now travels, merely to see the world, and sends his parents most of the money he earns from his pelts and... less desirable work.
Other: Nibal works as an assassin and mercenary

Name: Kira Nakano
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Ill?: Yes (Attack - no element)

Personality: Cold and methodical. Can be quite charming once he warms up to others.
Bio: Kira was the prince of the Northern continents, living with his family in the capital city. His father was killed when he was 10 in a war against the East, then his mother died of illness on his 14 birthday, and then his older sister died of illness one month after being made queen. Left to manage the throne, Kira tried his best to rule as kindly and Justly as his father did. After a two year rule he realized that he could use magic and quickly searched for someone to take his place. He found someone who seemed worthy, but he was betrayed and banished from his own country.
Other: He has a special spell that only he can perform called 'Chaos Purge' which will kill anyone with darkness in their hearts, even himself.

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