Unbirthing with my wife (my own story i wrote)

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Unbirthing with my wife (my own story i wrote) Empty Unbirthing with my wife (my own story i wrote)

Post  Erika on Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:53 am

I sighed as I finished undressing, "Are you really sure about this?" I ask her, still a litle aprehensive of what she wanted me to do.

Just then, I felt her arms come around my waist from behind, "Of course, baby. I haven't been wrong yet."

I turned around, and hugged her naked body to me, "Alright. If this is what you want."

"You'll enjoy it too, I promise."

I kissed her tender lips, and I feel her stroke my rock-hard manhood. With a gentle touch I lift her, and place her on her back upon our bed, with her legs facing me.

Getting ontop of her, I begin to lick her nipples, making her spread her legs, amid the little groaning sounds that she always makes.

Wiggling down, I stick my head between her legs, and start to lick her opening, darting my tongue in and out as I tickled the nub of pleasure.

She moans in pleasure as I stick my tongue deeper into her, moving my tongue against her rough spot.

She moans louder, and taking this as my cue I push my head into her, making her squeak in surprise.

"Sweet Jesus." I hear her mutter.

She spreads her legs wider as I move deeper, bringing my shoulders into her.

I move and wiggle trying to get deeper, making her orgasm wildly, and her juices spraying all over me.

Blackness surrounding me, I can feel her muscles undulating all around me. As I push deeper still, the pressure lessens. Slowly, her cervix opens, and I crawl into her womb.

Unable to control myself, I end up blowing a massive load all over myself and around her womb. Completely wasted, we both slipped into sleep, my wife cradling her huge belly in which I lay as she rolled onto her side.

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