Gaelic Words and Translations

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Gaelic Words and Translations

Post  Erika on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:33 am

ok, this is for those who want to learn gaelic, or for those who want to swear without people knowing what you said. this is scottish gaelic...

Swear Words:
Ifreann na Fola – bloody hell
Aich te bheal – shut up
Phis – pussy
Dun do Bheal – shut your mouth
Pog Mo Thoin – kiss my ass
Shinach – sly bastard
Ceann cac – shithead
Pol Thoin – ass hole
Foc il leat – fuck you
Suas du Chul – up yours

Other words:
sassanach - outlander
breaugaire - liar
an nighean (un n-yee-unn)- my girl
an agam (un ackum)- my daughter
tha (ha)- yes
chan eil (chan yil)- no
oidhche mhath (uh-eechyuh va)- goodnight
madainn mhath (matin va)- goodmorning
nollaig chridheil (nohl-eek chree-yel)- merry Christmas
ciamar a tha thu (kimmer-uh-ha-oo)- how are you
gle mhath (glae va)- very good
"Tha gaol agam ort." (Hah GEUL AH-kum orsht) "I love you."
"Tha gaol agam ort-fhèin." (Hah GEUL AH-kum orsht-HEH-een) "I love you too." .

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