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Grim Tales

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Name: Peter Gale
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Personality: Cold, sarcastic, and slightly insane.
Bio: A woman had an only son. During a storm, she told him to shut the door because she felt frightened. He asked her what she meant. When she could not make him understand, he set out to find the fear she told him of.

He found robbers and sat with them by their fire. When they realized he did not fear them, they gave him the ingredients and sent him to a churchyard to cook them a cake. A hand from the grave asked for it, but the boy said that he did not give the food of the living to the dead, and rapped it with a spoon. Then they sent him to a pool. He found there a swing hanging over the pool with a child on it. A maiden told him that it was her brother and asked if she could climb on his shoulders to get him down; when he did, she started to strangle him with her feet. He threw her off, and she lost a bracelet that he took up.

He went on. An ogre demanded the bracelet, as it was his. They went before a judge, who decreed that neither of them had a right to it, and he would keep it until one of them brought him its partner. So the ogre and the boy both had to leave it.

He met up with a ship being wrecked. He swam to it and had the frightened sailors lower him into the sea. He found there a sea-maiden dragging down the ship. He freed the ship and chained her up.

He found a garden in which three doves flew in, and turned into maidens; one had been the hand in the graveyard, the second the one with the bracelet, and the third the sea-maiden. They toasted his health. He appeared to them, and they gave him the matching bracelet.

He went on for a long time, but never found fear. One day he walked down a road and saw a cloaked figure standing at the entrance of a small village. He approached the figure and, just as he was about to speak, the cloaked figure whirled around so he was behind the boy and grabbed him. He forced the boy, who didn't fight back, to hold something(a gun). They walked into the village and approached a small girl playing with her doll. Suddenly, the cloaked figure made the boy pull something and there was a loud bang. The boy's eyes widened as his face was splattered with the girl's blood.

He fought against the figure, but to no avail, and he was forced to shoot more and more people until there was no one left. As the figure left he dropped his weapon. The boy trembled and fell to his knees. He felt numb. He left the village, taking the weapon that was left behind, and tried to return to his old life. The boy ran through fields, smelled flowers, even sang. But he could feel no joy, only sadness and an unstoppable rage that drove him to search for the cloaked figure.

Name: Perrault
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Replace skin with grey fur)

Personality: acts cool and confident, but is shy and far from confident
Bio: there once lived a miller who had three sons. Upon his death, his property was divided so that the oldest received the mill, the second oldest the donkey, but for the youngest, all that was left was the old grey and white cat.

That made the young man alternately sad and mad. He thought, "At least my brothers can band together and thus make a living with their inheritance, but what is there for me? I guess I could always eat the tomcat and then have his pelt made into a pair of mittens." The tomcat heard this and said "Don't be upset, Master! All I ask is that you give me a sack, and have a pair of boots made for me. And I guarantee you, not for long will your lot be as hopeless at it seems right now."

Even if the young Master didn't give much credence to the cat's bragging, he had observed him at mouse hunting and had always been amazed at the animal's cunning. Perhaps there was something to this cat that no-one had yet suspected. When the tomcat got what he asked for, he slipped into the boots, slung the sack over his shoulder, and on two legs, he walked off to a clearing in the woods where he knew that rabbits came to feed and play. He lined the sack with the best grasses and herbs that the rabbits would find irresistible, then he lay down next to the sack and played dead. It wasn't long that a couple of nosy young bucks came sniffing at the sack, and finally crawled inside to get at the tasty morsels, then the cat pulled the string and they were caught.

The cat was pretty proud of himself as he was on his way to the king's castle, where he asked for an audience with his majesty. Soon, he was able to put the sack before the king and tell him that it contained a couple of fresh, succulent rabbits, for His Majesty's table, compliments of his Master, the Marquis de Carabas. The king gladly accepted the gift and bade the cat to convey his thanks to the Marquis.

This was repeated several times, as the cat brought fresh game to the king's table, pheasants, rabbits, partriges, whatever he managed to get into his sack. And with each gift, the king got curioser and curioser about this Marquis de Carabas. Then one day, the cat was again at court. There, he overheard that the king and his daughter were planning a trip through the kingdom. He made sure he knew what route they would be taking. He bade his Master to bathe in the river at a strategically selected location. As the young man went for his swim, the cat waited until the royal coach was near enough so that anyone inside could hear his yelling and screaming. Totally upset he sounded: His Master, the Marquis de Carabas, was drowning in the river! The king recognized the cat immediately and had his groomsmen pull the "Marquis" out of the river. Alas, thieves had made off with his clothing (but you and I know that puss had carefully hidden them under some rocks). The king had fine clothing and jewelry brought to the young man and it must be said, he cleaned up very nicely indeed. The looks he threw the princess did not go unnoticed, and after the king had invited the handsome Marquis into his coach, it wasn't long before she had fallen for him, head over heels.

While all this was happening, the cat scrambled along the road until he came to a beautiful meadow, rich and green; this was being mowed by some farm workers. He gave them the order that if anyone asked who this meadow belonged to, they were to answer "The Marquis de Carabas". And this cat could be quite fearsome, having threatened to have them turned into mincemeat! So when the royal coach reached the meadow and the king inquired as to the ownership, the workers bowed deeply and responded, "This meadow belongs to the Marquis de Carabas." The king threw an admiring glance in the direction of the Marquis.

Then they came upon a rich wheat field, full of workers harvesting the golden crop. Again, the king asked who owned this field, and again, the answer was that it belonged to the Marquis de Carabas. The cat had done this all along the road, fields, meadows, wooded areas; the king was mighty impressed with the extent of the Marquis' holdings.

Finally, the cat came to a magnificent castle which belonged to an ogre who was also a warlock. He was the richest man in the land, all that the workers had told the king were the holdings of the Marquis really belonged to him. The cat, who had done his homework and knew about the special magic talents of this warlock, asked for an audience. After all, he didn't want to pass the castle of such a powerful Lord without paying his respects! The audience was soon granted as the ogre, who was about to give a huge dinner party for his cronies, was in the mood for some fun. He was a civil as it is possible for an ogre to be and even offered his visitor a chair. They made small talk until the cat told him that it was rumored his host had the power to turn himself into any animal possible. "But of course," answered the warlock, "just watch!" And right before the cat's eyes, he turned into a mighty lion, throwing back his head and roaring loudly and menacingly. It seems impossible, but somehow, boots and all, the cat managed to scamper right up to the roof, so scary was the lion. Only when the ogre turned himself back that the cat came down from the roof.

He let the ogre know how impressed he was. "But," he said finally, "I find it quite impossible to believe that a big, powerful magician like you could also turn himself into something very, very small, like a rat, for instance."

"Impossible???" cried the ogre, "you doubt my powers? I'll show you!" and in the blink of an eye, the mighty ogre had turned himself into a tiny little mouse, running circles across the floor. A moment later, the mouse was no more but a snack for our wiley tomcat.

Meanwhile, the king had come upon the castle and was curious to see the inside. As the coach was on the drawbridge, the cat came running out, bowed deeply, and welcomed the king and his daughter to the home of the Marquis de Carabas. Then he led them into a beautifully appointed dining room where the table was set for a sumptuous feast. After the king had emptied a cup or two of wine, he told the Marquis that his daughter's hand would be his for the asking.

The Marquis gladly took the king up on his offer, and the princess was quite pleased at the prospect, too. Soon, a great wedding took place. But something was wrong. The cat saw something dark in the princess's eyes. The next day the cat visited his former master and was horrified to find his master dead! And the princess, now with long black hair, held his master's severed head and was lapping up his blood.

She turned to the cat and said "poor poor Marquis. If only he had a better friend, he may have lived" She started to laugh at the cat. The cat started to writhe on the ground as her laughter rang in his ears and felt as if his body was being torn apart.

When he awoke he was on the floor in a puddle of what he assumed as his master's blood from his murder. The 'Princess's' voice rang in his ears "Neither man, nor beast. You will live alone and hated. As a gift I have given you a new body, do you like it?" The cat got up and found that neither his master's body nor the princess were anywhere in the room. He found a mirror and gasped. His body, save for the fur, claws, eyes, ears, and tail, was that of his master. Right down to his long and slender fingers.

He returned to the front hall where his master and cried. He heard the door being forced open and turned around. The people of the land had gathered and screamed "KILL THE BEAST!" He was chased through the castle until he barricaded himself in a bedroom. The cat knew it wouldn't hold long, so he grabbed some clothes, leapt out the window, and ran away.

Chester come to school and said,
"Durn, I growed another head."
Teacher said, "It's time you knowed
The word is 'grew' instead of 'growed.'"

- Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

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