After the End

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After the End

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Name: Logan Smith
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Personality: Reserved, No one has ever gotten more than one word at a time from him
Bio: Logan came from a large, but poor, family. He was the eldest of seven children, one set of triplets and a set of twins, and the only boy. At age fourteen his mother, distraught over her husband leaving and placing Logan in the father role, taught him how to wield a sniper rifle. At first he practiced with a BB rifle, then he moved on to blanks in a real rifle, then live ammunition. He was eighteen when the infection hit. His mother was first to fall, then the triplets, then Jessie. Logan saw each and every death.

Logan hid with Frederica, the youngest, an abandoned five-story building. One day the zombies found them and Logan was forced to flee with Frederica. As they ran down the stairs Logan readied his pistol which he saved for tight spots. Logan heard the zombies close behind and whirled around to shoot, but Frederica didn't move in time and Logan accidentally shot her through the chest. Logan, frozen with shock, guilt, and despair as he watched his sister turn. He didn't notice the zombie creeping up behind him.

He was bitten in the neck, but was saved by a salvage team before he was eaten. They took him in, keeping him with the other infected of course, and was treated for his bite, pnemonia, and malnutrition. He showed his skill with a sniper rifle and was posted as a guard. He talked to nobody for fear of going through the same pain as when he lost his family.

Chester come to school and said,
"Durn, I growed another head."
Teacher said, "It's time you knowed
The word is 'grew' instead of 'growed.'"

- Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

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